User Manual for BoB MKII delivered to you from Copernicus Technology Ltd
  • BoB MkII


50-Way D-Sub
General Purpose Interface Adapter
Break-Out Box MkII
This User Manual explains how to use the BoB MKII in conjunction with Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) equipment, namely the IFD test equipment range which spans the Ncompass™ Analyzer to the IFDIS™ (IFD & Isolation System).  Note that for the purposes of this User Manual, reference to the Ncompass™ Analyzer applies to all marks of IFDIS™/Ncompass™ equipment unless otherwise stated. 
IFD testing using the Ncompass™ Analyzer is a highly effective testing approach which, when applied methodically and correctly, provides outstanding results for the user.  The more the User understands the concept of IFD and, in particular, about intermittent fault causes in electrical and electronic equipment, then the easier it will be to apply the Ncompass™ Analyzer effectively (see Ncompass™/ NODES™ User Manual for full details).  One of the activities that is vital to ensuring successful IFD testing is the construction of Interface Adapters (IA) to connect the Analyzer to the item to be tested (the Unit Under Test, or UUT for short).  It is crucial that the IA is constructed to the highest levels of system integrity and quality in order to ensure that false test readings do not occur. 
Therefore, the purpose of the BoB MKII is to assist the Ncompass™ user in the construction of IA by simplifying the means of identifying individual wires and connections, which speeds the build process up significantly and vastly reduces the opportunity for error.  In addition, the BoB MKII can be used as an interface to connect 3rd party test equipment, either for calibration checking of the Ncompass™ Analyzer, or for connecting to the UUT via the IA.  These functions and how to use them are explained in full in this User Manual, along with information on how to maintain your product and what to do if you require Warranty support.