User Manual for BoB MKII delivered to you from Copernicus Technology Ltd


To avoid possible shock or personal injury, maintenance activity
not described in this manual must only be performed by the manufacturer.
Repair or service by others will void the warranty on this device.
Ø     Periodically wipe the outside and inside surfaces of the case with a clean cloth.
Ø     Do not subject the BoB MKII to excessive, sudden jarring, high accelerations or impacts as this may damage or shorten component life.
Ø     To prevent corrosion or damage to the connections of the BoB MKII internal battery holder, the battery should be removed from the holder if the BoB MKII is not to be used for some time.
Ø     Dirt or moisture in the sockets and on the terminals of the D-sub connector can affect readings and can cause false readings when carrying out continuity testing.  Clean the sockets and terminals as follows:
  To avoid weakening the case and possibly developing cracks, do not use abrasives or strong solvents to clean the BoB MKII.